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  • How to add typographic fonts to WordPress block themes November 28, 2022
    The easy and compliant way that every theme developer should know.
  • Block Theme Building Tips February 28, 2022
    When building block themes there is often more than one way to achieve the same thing. It’s often not clear which of these options is preferable. Below I outline some tips and guidelines that I find helpful. The guiding principle here is to remove as much complexity as possible from the theme; instead block themes […]
    Ben Dwyer
  • Create A Blockbase Child Theme November 17, 2021
    We have been working on a plugin to help you create a Blockbase child theme. The idea is that you can use the existing tools to make changes to a Blockbase theme, and then export a bundle of templates and theme.json as a new child theme. I tried to create a new theme called “Typewriter” […]
    Ben Dwyer
  • Universal Themes October 6, 2021
    Since our last post about Universal Themes we have fleshed out this idea and are using it to build all our themes. The Problem WordPress is introducing the Full Site Editor and with it new ways to build themes.  These themes are called “Block” themes and integrate deeply with Gutenberg Blocks. These types of themes […]
    Ben Dwyer
  • Resources for block theme development July 13, 2021
    With WordPress 5.8 launching on July 20th, it seems like a great time to round up some resources to help theme authors prepare for the future. By now, you’ve probably heard about block themes and the upcoming future of full site editing. Perhaps you have even begun to explore creating a block theme or adapting […]
    Anne McCarthy
  • Universal Themes: Customization July 12, 2021
    Making Global Styles and the Customizer work together
    Ben Dwyer
  • Theme patterns for the Site Editor June 25, 2021
    Learn how to use Template Part and Query Loop patterns to provide users with more design options.
    Kjell Reigstad
  • Universal themes: Some ideas June 23, 2021
    With the Full Site Editing project well underway, theme developers need to be thinking about what the future holds for themes.  Why block themes? To take advantage of the Site Editor, themes need to be built out of blocks – this is why we need block themes. Block themes are an entirely new way of […]
    Ben Dwyer
  • Using Blockbase for a theme experiment June 7, 2021
    A glitchy theme, built with Blockbase.
    Kjell Reigstad
  • Blockbase: A parent theme for block themes May 27, 2021
    Phase 2 of Gutenberg introduces Full Site Editing to WordPress; to make this possible, we need a new way of building themes – using blocks. How do block themes work? Block themes use templates made entirely of blocks. The layout is configured using a combination of theme.json and CSS. The settings in theme.json are used […]
    Ben Dwyer


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